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Guaidó declares himself interim leader of Venezuela

By Juliane Girl / January 24, 2019

Opposition leader Juan Guaidó declared himself interim president on Wednesday denying current president Nicolás Maduro’s legitimacy. Following the political and economic crisis, Venezuela is struck with, thousands of people took to the streets supporting Guaidó and were met with police brutality. During the fierce protests on Tuesday and Wednesday, 14 people have reportedly been killed. […]


Shutdown’s economic consequences

By Yvan Barbeau / January 23, 2019

Shutdown’s economic consequences  The economic consequences of the shutdown, which has gone on to become the longest in US history – it has recently entered its fifth week – it’s beginning to be subject to increasing study. Some experts indeed fear these consequences might grow so long as the crisis goes on. This is an […]


32 days US shutdown affects FBI

By Juliane Girl / January 23, 2019

The US government shutdown has been going on for 32 days now and consequences for government employees become more and more visible. Many of them are forced to work other jobs in order to be able to pay their bills. However, at the moment, an agreement between Democrats and Republicans, which would put an end […]


Taliban attacks Afghan military base

By Juliane Girl / January 22, 2019

On Monday the Taliban attacked a military base in the Afghan province of Wardak west of Kabul. The death toll estimates are over 100 with government officials refusing to confirm exact numbers. At a training center on the grounds of the base, the attackers blew up a captured Humvee loaded with explosives. The detonation caused […]


21 killed in Kenya hotel attack

By Juliane Girl / January 17, 2019

On Tuesday at around 12:00 GMT gunmen stormed the DusitD2 hotel and business complex in Nairobi opening fire on the hotel guests. Upon entering one of the men blew himself up in the hotel lobby. The assault resulted in a 19-hour standoff between police forces and terrorists with several hotel guests and employees barricading themselves […]


MPs vote down Brexit deal

By Juliane Girl / January 16, 2019

On Tuesday, MPs voted down the Brexit deal Prime minister Theresa May had negotiated with the EU, by an overwhelming majority. With 432 of the votes against the deal and only 202 in favor of it, the only offer on the table has been rejected leaving the UK without a contract only 10 weeks before […]


Petr Cech retires at the end of the season

By Francesco Iriti / January 15, 2019

The Arsenal keeper Petr Cech give us incredible news. He will retire at the end of the season. An important decision for the 36-year-old keeper. The announcement “This is my 20th season as a professional player and it has been 20 years since I signed my first professional contract, so it feels like the right […]


MPs vote Brexit deal today

By Juliane Girl / January 15, 2019

MPs are getting ready to vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal today after the 5-day debate draws to a close. Voting will start at 7 GMT after a final speech by May at 6:30. The widely unpopular deal is expected to be refused by the parliament with MPs from May’s own party joining the opposition […]


Tshisekedi to win the DR Congo election

By Juliane Girl / January 10, 2019

In the Congolese presidential election from the 30th of December, oppositional candidate Felix Tshisekedi has surprisingly announced the winner. Tshisekedi’s victory was announced overnight and immediately fuelled a debate over its legitimacy. Favored candidate Martin Fayulu criticized the outcome suspecting a backroom deal between Tshisekedi and current president Joseph Kabila. Fayulu reportedly said that the […]


Trump declares border crisis in TV address

By Juliane Girl / January 9, 2019

The ongoing debate about the financing of the border wall has been fuelled today as President Trump held a TV address to the nation declaring a “humanitarian crisis” at the border. Following the refusal of the Democrats to approve of the more than 5 billion US$  for the border wall with Mexico, Trump has shutdown […]

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