Executives of China’s state-owned enterprises will have salaries linked to ‘party building’ performance

By admin / April 19, 2017

According to Chinese media, president Xi Jinping wants to re-build the Communist party’s influence in business and industry sectors.

Due to many companies becoming more international, many directors have chosen work over party responsibilities.

The Chinese government wants to enact a “system of responsibility”, which makes sure that executives promote the “ state’s ideology”. The decision regarding the system was made by state-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. Furthermore, the directors will be assessed how well they carry out “ party building work”. The assessment  is based on a punishment and reward system.

The party secretary, Hao Peng said that “ We must resolutely assess party building. Without tests, there is no way to hold people accountable, the party committee secretary and chairman are shouldered as one; two jobs, two duties with only one person in charge; we must resolutely avoid paying attention to one while neglecting the other”.

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